Everyday Brazilian Portuguese

Learn colloquial Brazilian Portuguese in short, fun sessions

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Class Curriculum

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  • Learn the most common phrases and structures used by Brazilians in everyday situations. Taught in a progressive way by a real teacher, not generated by a language machine
  • Learn how Brazilians speak in real life, how they change and adapt conventional grammar into a much more colloquial style.
  • Learn the most common sounds in Portuguese and the pronunciation tricks that will make you instantly sound more fluent and confident.
  • Plus I'll answer your questions throughout the course.

Your Instructor

Fernando Nonohay
Fernando Nonohay

Fernando is a Brazilian Portuguese Teacher, Translator & Interpreter based in London.

He visited London as a tourist and liked it so much that he moved back to train to be a teacher, translator and interpreter. In his 20 years of experience he has helped many people on their journey to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Teaching is his passion and he is proud to have taught Brazilian Portuguese to staff from the BBC, British Airways, Sotheby’s, Fine Line Film Distribution, among others.

Fernando Nonohay also has a blog, Fun with Brazilian Portuguese, with great resources for anyone learning Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language, including quizzes, posts on grammar, idioms and expressions, as well translation of Brazilian songs.

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"Fernando's online course is everything I had hoped for and more. It includes all the everyday conversation topics you need. The content is fantastic and the production quality of the videos is excellent. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese."

- Marc Bolh

"I'm really enjoying the course! It has a great balance of educational videos as well as PDF notes (which are very helpful). The materials are presented in a clear manner so you don't feel overwhelmed with the information."

- Anna Söderqvistohn

"This is a fantastic course for someone who hasn't got any knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese but would like to start learning the language or travel to Brazil."

- Lukas Szalata

"This method is very impressive and very effective. There is just the right amount of grammar and phonetics that one needs to learn and progress in Brazilian Portuguese. The lessons are not too long, not too short - just the right length. Most importantly, they cover the basic situations one needs to master to become functional in Brazil."

- J. François Carle